Why Injection Moulding is Ideal For Multiple Parts Production

When it comes to injection moulding manufacturing to create plastic items, the two most important things to consider are production efficiency and continuity of quality.

Here are three reasons why injection moulding is your best option for plastics production.


1: Reliability

Injection moulding is a simple process.

It is basically where tiny plastic granules is heated to liquify and this is then injected, under pressure, into a metal mould.

Injection moulding makes all types of plastic items from small containers to buckets, from toothbrushes to panels for cars.

To get this right however, it is important to scope your machinery correctly to meet your requirement.

Are you for example, making detailed and high-quality components for the medical industry or are you making budget parts, such as buckets and bowls?

Whilst each of these will have a different requirement in terms of the finish quality, you do need to achieve operational reliability.


2: Repeatability

With a plastic injection moulding system, you must be reassured you’ll receive output consistency in terms of the size, weight and shape of each product.

Minimising any rejection is very important.

The good news is, a properly scoped and installed injection moulding system will be reliable and should rarely give you any problems.


3: Low cost

When it comes to production costs, once you have an injection moulding system installed and up and running, it should be pretty self-reliant.

This means low overheads.

Costs can kick in however, when it comes to maintaining your equipment and (as is the case with any piece of machinery) you’ll need to service it and be able to access spare parts when needed.

Injection moulding parts are however, very cost-effective and here in the UK (especially if you’re working with a supplier such as 3PA), and easy to access.

This reduces downtime and improves production.


3PA can help

We are here to help you get up and running with the right plastics injection moulding system and provide cost-effective backup.

Purchase your injection moulding equipment through 3PA and you also tap into 60 years of in-house industry expertise.

We’re always at the end of the phone to help with advice and we stock all the main replacement parts, ready to ship.

Site visits can also be arranged.


Let’s have a chat

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