3 reasons why budget isn’t always best when buying Blow Moulding Machines

A successful and profitable business is of course all about balancing operational costs against sales and income.

In our latest blog (a 1-2min read which you can see below) we cover why when it comes to buying blow moulding equipment for plastics production, it is important to understand that buying budget isn’t always the best option.


Here’s why…


1: Oversees sourced equipment may not be reliable

Low-cost plastics blow moulding systems used here in the UK, are often sourced from overseas.

Mostly, they are imported from the Far East.

The problem with doing this is, how do you actually know what you will be getting?

Will you be importing the right kit to meet all your production needs?

Sure, you can read online reviews and watch online videos but these will not tell you exactly what you will be getting in terms of build quality and the outcomes you’ll achieve.

The only way to test this is to get a system installed and switch it on, visit a UK location where there is a similar system already up and running – or use the services of experienced UK representatives with knowledge and service back up.


2: Budget may not meet UK safety standards

When buying overseas blow moulding machinery it is important to check that the equipment meets UK/European health and safety standards.

In particular, you must check that it meets the CE standard.

As well as providing piece of mind for your business and your operatives, CE is a UK legal requirement.

This will not change in the future, following Brexit.

What’s more, the CE standard is something that the UK Health & Safety Executive will look for when they undertake site inspections.

If this is missing, they may deem your equipment to be unacceptable.

Beware, some imported equipment may have a CE label on it, but it may not be legally compliant.

You do need to check.


3: You may have no UK backup

In addition, when purchasing budget plastics moulding machinery from overseas, UK backup may not be included.

You will need to know that you have support and spare parts available from a UK supplier, and at the end of the phone when needed.

Beware, we have worked with companies who have imported blow moulding machinery from an overseas supplier, but when this failed, they were faced with a huge repair bill (including the cost of flying someone in).

Check therefore, what’s included in terms of your warranty and if something does go wrong, ensure that you know how soon you can get it fixed.


Lessons learnt

When it comes to buying blow moulding production equipment, we always recommend that you buy here in the UK from a well-established and highly knowledgeable supplier.

Check also that backup service and support (without a bill for every phone call) is included.


Expertise from 3PA

Here at 3PA we are in business to build long-term relationships and look after our customers.

With 60 years of in-house expertise to call upon, we only recommend and install ‘best-fit’ equipment and if you have any problems, we’re always at the end of the phone to help with advice and support.

Site visits can also be arranged.


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