HY Robotics - Hybird Series Beam Robot – Robotic Automation Systems

Hybird Series Beam Robot – Robotic Automation Systems
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Hybird Series Beam Robot – Robotic Automation Systems

Double Arm traverse robot with servo on main arm and pneumatics on sub arm.

For use with 150-800 Ton horizontal injection molding machines

Unique Double Arm Model with combination of 3 Axis Servo and 1 Axis servo Hybrid Style Robot.

Traverse Beam is a high strength, thick walled, steel tubing with precision machined surfaces provide maximum rigidity and durability with high precision robot position.

True AC Digital Brushless Servo Motor ensures each step of robot operation is done with precision and high speed.
Independent AC digital servo amplifiers ensure flexibility, simultaneous and coordinated motion.

NSK Linear runner block bearings, fully enclosed on precision-machined rails provide high strength and precision operation of robot.

Festo Actuator for 90 Deg Wrist Rotation for parts placement on conveyor or stacking machines.

Aluminum extruded profile descent arm for light weight with high strength and Speed

Vacuum generator with sensing switch at the end of robot arm, it is easy to reach and confirm sensing.

Pneumatic circuits for part and sprue grip.

Removable alignment pins, when used will positively locate the end of arm tool to the vertical arm.

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