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Conveyors – Roller Conveyors
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Conveyors – Roller Conveyors

Roller Conveyors offer infinitely variable lengths of Roller Conveyors in a variety of widths and colours individually designed to meet application and space requirements.

There is a choice of Powered or Non Powered conveyors.

Powered Roller Conveyors can be straight or curved.

There are options for feeders, diverters and 90 degree transfers offering a modular system to suit application requirements available.

Load capacities up to 250 kg/m and speeds up to 2.0 m/s available.

Available with a wide variety of controls from simple stop / start to fully integrated systems.

Steel Rollers and Anodised aluminium side frames.

Non driven Roller Conveyors transport products manually or over a gradient via gravity and are ideal for assembly and picking lines.

Non driven Roller Conveyors can be straight or curved with options for the addition of ball tables to allow for products to be moved horizontally in any direction.

Load capacity up to 100 kg/m.

Plastic or Anodised aluminium side frames.

Plastic or steel rollers are available, in a variety of widths and diameters.

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